Air Temp. / rel. Humidity

⇓  Description

The sensor is used for simultaneous recording of air temperature and relative humidity.As for the temperature sensor element is a highly sensitive PTC resistor whose resistance changesproportional to the temperature.

The relative humidity is measured by a capacitive sensor whose capacitance is proportional torelative humidity changes.
The recorded data will be in a signal processor pre-processed and in the F-bus protocol to the display device or a further Signal processing units supplied. The distance between the sensor and this unit can be on a Twisted pair up to 700m and go up to 3000m with additional repeater modules.

The sensors are optional build in a temperature-resistant weather housing made from plastic.

⇓  Technical data
Air Temperature 
Measuring range:-30 to +70°C
Accuracy:±0,1K on 0°C
Sensor element:Semiconductor

relative Humidity 
Measuring range:0 bis 100%
Accuracy:<3% on 76% rel. Humidity
Sensor element:Capacitive

Electrical output:F - Bus connection
Operating voltage:10 to 28 VDC
interference radiation:acc. to EN 55022 -B
electromagnetic immunity:acc. to DIN IEC 801 -2, -4
Electrical connection:4pole plug
Ambient temperature:-35°C to +70°C
Dimensions:∅120mm, h=185mm / h=255 mm
Weight:ca. 0,7kg
F-Bus91 50 110.00
with weather housing:91 50 120.00
Technical drawing Air Temp. / rel. Humidity specifications in mm
Technical drawing Air Temp. / rel. Humidity
  • Weather housing from UV - resistant plastic
  • high-quality sensor elements
  • easy installation
Air Temp. / rel. Humidity
Temperature / humidity with weather housing
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