Precipitation Detector

⇓  Description

The precipitation detector is used to detect precipitation start and finish. A conductive sensor elementdetects the precipitation. A sensor heating ensures a safe operation, even at temperatures below zero.

An adjustable delay allows optimum adaptation to different control tasks, contingent upon the beginning or end of rainfall have, such as the closure of skylights and similar.

⇓  Technical data
Meßwert:Precipitate yes/no
Off delay:adjustable 0 ... 7 min
Sensor element:Conductive
Operating voltage:10 - 28 VDC
Electrical output:F - Bus connection (Option potential free contact)
Contact charging (potential free contact):max. 24V AC/DC 2A
Electrical connection:cable
Ambient temperature:-25°C to +70°C
Dimensions:65x38x50mm, 210mm with boom
Weight:ca. 0,4kg
F-Bus91 50 160.00
potential free contact:91 50 150.00
Technical drawing precipitate specifications in mm
Technical drawing precipitate detector
  • Precipitate start and -end for control tasks (e.g. automatic closure of skylights capture)
  • Heating for winter operation
  • all materials from plastic and aluminum
Precipitation Detector
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