Rain Gauge

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The Rain Gauge NG 51 of the incident on the surface precipitation (rain, hail and snow is measured).

About a collecting area of 200 square cm of precipitation reaches a tipping bucket, which changes every 2cm² = 0.1 mm.While one half of the tipping bucket is emptied, the other is ready to take up water. The precipitation collector is constructed according tothe requirements of the WMO (World Meteorological Organization).

For winter operation the NG51 is equipped with a thermostatic heating ring. A version without heating is also available.

The precipitation collector NG 51 is made of durable, heat and cold resistant materials such as plastic and stainless.

⇓  Technical data
Housing and Collecting funnel:Aluminium white
Catchment area:200cm²
Tipping bucket:Plastic
Resolution:0,1mm Precipitate = 1 impuls
Intensity:max. 10mm / min
Contact charging (potential free contact):max. 24V AC/DC 500mA
Operating voltage: (Version F-Bus)10 - 28 VDC
Operating voltage (Heater):24VAC
interference radiation:acc. to EN 55022 -B
electromagnetic immunity:to DIN IEC 801 -2, -4
Electrical connection:F - Bus connection (Option potential free contact)
Electrical connection:cable
Ambient temperature:-20°C to +50°C
Heating power:18W controlled
Dimensions:∅120mm, h=185mm / h=255 mm
Weight:ca. 1,5kg
F-Bus91 45 320 00
potential free contact:91 45 330 00
Technical drawing precipitation collector specifications in mm
Technical drawing rain gauge
  • for high-precision tipping bucket recording precipitation
  • Heating for winter operation
  • all materials from plastic
    and stainless
Precipitation Collector
Precipitation Collector
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