Hour Meters / Fault annunciators

⇓  Description

For the status of alarm and fault messages of the GSM-Control smart advanced has four digital and two analogInputs. From the digital inputs can be as an event counter and hour meter, gas meter or otherbe programmed. The internal battery backup ensures the monitoring even during power failures.

All readings, hours of operation and status of equipment and machines are constantly monitored. In cas by a programmedaberrance a message with the required information will send to a service technician or a central office via SMS, email or fax.

The plant data can be displayed clearly in a normal browser or on a mobile display.

For operation only a normal SIM card with data option is required. The configuration is done with a conventional browserover the Internet or a normal mobile phone.

Conformity with the rules of the housing according to DIN 43880 ensures trouble-free operation in all normalInstalling cabinets.

⇓  Application examples from practice
  • Remote transmission of hour meters
  • Event counters of various applications
  • Error messages of plant and machinery
  • Flow rate and consumption measurements
  • Alarm and hazard reports
⇓  System Overview smart basic
⇓  Technical data smart basic
GSM-Modem:GSM 850, 900,1800 and 1900 (operating class 4(2W))
Operating voltage:10 - 28 VDC
Back up battery:internal (ca. 6h)
2 analog inputs:0 to 10VDC (11-Bit)
4 digital inputs (Optocouplers):0 / 28VDC
1 digital input as an hour meter
or event counter programmable:
0 / 24VDC
additional monitoring of: voltage and battery
Electrical connection: screw
Antenna connector:SMA / M
Ambient temperature:-25°C bis +70°C
Protection class:IP 20
Mounting:Mounting on rail DIN EN 50022-35
Housing:PC with 10% GF, V-0 grey
Dimension:35,2 x 62,2 x 89,7mm (WxHxD)
Weight:ca. 0,160kg
Order-No.:33 60 400.00
Technical drawing smart basic specifications in mm
Technical drawing smart basic
Hour Meter
Error message
GSM control
smart basic
Status messages
data storage
Alert message
SMS, Email
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