Application - Operating Hours Counter and Fault annunciators

hour meter
⇓  The function from Meter remote reading / Fault annunciators

The hours of operation of plant and machinery always in view. The device transmits theData in a programmed time interval to a target server or a mobile phone. The integrated error messaging makes the device to a multi-talent.In case of malfunction the device immediately sends a notification via SMS to the programmed telephone numbers (eg a service).
The service informed and can react accordingly.
If required, the service can also display the current values on his mobile phone.

Operating hours and events will be transfered (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly) via SMS or GPRS to a protected web server and stored in a database.

With this information, the dispatcher can coordinate its service team optmal.

⇓  Representation of the values in a browser
The measurement data can be displayed in any PC with an Internet connection and a ordinary browser latest generation (Firefox, Opera, IE, etc.)First you must authentication yourself and than you can view the measured data and print reports. A convenient data export is integrated also.
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