Application vehicle tracking without monthly fee

vehicle tracking
⇓  Function vehicle tracking without monthly fee
The smart GPS collect in a specified time interval (eg 10 sec) the location of your car and store them in memory.Back at the company area "smart GPS" make a connection to your wireless network and transmits all stored datas to aprotected web server.

A GPRS version is available also. Other operating parameters such as oil temperature can be collected too.

With this information, the dispatcher has always an overview of all vehicle routes.

Ideal for all car rentals and service companies.

⇓  Representation of the values in a browser
All collected data can be displayed in any PC with an Internet connection and a ordinary browser latest generation (Firefox, Opera, IE, etc.)First you must authentication yourself and than you can view the Vehicle route and vehicle data and print reports. A convenient data export is integrated also.
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