Application LAN/WLAN - measuring station with "smart-vario"

weather station
⇓  Function LAN/WLAN - measuring station with "smart-vario"

The LAN / WLAN measuring station station with "smart-vario" collect every minute data from all sensorsand transmit them via a WLAN / LAN connection to a secure Internet server in a database.
Special arrangements (Port shares or similar) in the firewall are not necessary since the entire communication is asyou call just a normal home page.

Is interrupted once the Internet connection, the measurement data are cached on an internal memory (256MB)and transferred afte the device get a new connection.

⇓  Representation of the values in a browse
The measurement data can be displayed in any PC with an Internet connection and a ordinary browser latest generation (Firefox, Opera, IE, etc.) First you must authentication yourself and than you can view the measured data and print reports. A convenient data export and a landfill diary is integrated also.
⇓  Sensors and Inputs

Up to 128 Sensors / Modules can be connected with a Fieldbus (2-wire cable up to 700m) to the "smart LAN/WLAN".Additional are 4 Inputs for status or alarm messages available. If needed the device will send an email or SMS to a Service Technician or other.

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