Switchbox Plus

⇓  Description SwitchBox-extern (C2)

With the SwitchBox-plus and a "low voltage switch" (e.g. a micro switch, pushbutton, or even a blank cable end etc.) even a farawayremote 230V consumer can safely be switched ON/OFF, e.g. via a thin bell wire.

While turning on a device the tolerated electrical resistance is relatively high, so that even very long supply leads (up to 1000 meters) in the circuit line, e.g. via a thin bell wire are not problematic. Nearby 230V consumers sometimes cause an induced hum (so-called "crosstalk") with very long supply leads and at times by given strength even lead to faulty switching, this is avoided by using of a build-in low pass

⇓  Technical data
Connector system:SCHUKO or IEC
Operating voltage:230V~, 50Hz (optional 115V~, 50Hz)
Maximum switching capacity:(all loads): 2000W (8.7A)
Ambient temperature::-10°C to +50°C
Protection class:IP 20
Housing:PC with 10% GF, V-0 black
Order-No.:34 10 100.00
  • because of too high resistance due to long supply leads
  • to avoid dangerous power potential at the "micro switch point"
  • for installation reasons, etc.
Switchbox Plus
Switchbox Plus
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