Switchbox USB / COM / LPT

⇓  Description SwitchBox-USB

The load switches in the SwitchBox consists of a mechanical relay that behavesvery robust against voltage stress peaks and problematic 230V consumers. Theswitching power is at 2000W for all types of loads. When in standby the SwitchBox needs no energy.The SwitchBox is available with safety plugs, CEE 714 (SwitchBox-Relay) or withrubber connector plug (SwitchBox-C2). Rubber connector plugs are used with allPC power supplies, so that worldwide usage is guaranteed.

⇓  Application examples from practice
  • Switch ON/OFF computer peripherals (monitor, printer, external modem etc.)
  • External warning or signal devices
  • Measuring and laboratory setups
  • Lamps at presentations, in shop windows or for example in museums
  • When receiving an email from a particular sender MS-Outlook switches ON 'a signal lamp'
  • A pharmacist unlocks a specific drawer for a drug by entering a code after closing the cash box
  • And much more
⇓  Technical data
Connector system:SCHUKO or IEC
Operating voltage:230V~, 50Hz (optional 115V~, 50Hz)
Control:via USB
Maximum switching capacity:2000W (8.7A)
Ambient temperature:-10°C to +50°C
Protection class:IP 20
Housing:PC with 10% GF, V-0 black
Order-N0.:34 10 100.00
  • USB interface
  • serial interface COMx on the PC
  • serial interface LPTx on the PC
  • external control voltage of 4V ...30V
Switchbox USB
Switchbox USB / COM / LPT
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